S A Y A Designs| Handcrafted Hair Stick

Have you finalized all of your “new year, new me” resolutions? …

No? Well, let me help you align your goals.
Starting with protecting your tresses while bettering the world.

IMG_7239S A Y A Designs creates one of kind handcrafted hair sticks from recycled root wood found in Indonesia.

By taking leftover materials, S A Y A Designs creates unique hair accessories for everyday use.

The best part is that they are for all hair types! (Updates will be posted shortly showing me wearing my hair stick with my natural hair.) The wood is smooth and won’t add too much tension to your hair. Allowing your tresses to be styled as you desire and protected like you require.

You can own your very own. For the New Year, S A Y A Designs is fully stocked with a number of remarkable handcrafted hair sticks. So check them out and tell me which designs you plan on rocking in the comments below.

Here’s a video featuring my handcrafted hair stick.


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