Ase’ BodyCare for Hair & Skin Care

I fell in love with Ase’ BodyCare’s Hydrating Spray.

DSCN2260Living in Florida is great for the beaches, culture and nightlife. However, when it comes to the humidity… it’s Hell.

That’s why I was so excited to learn about and try out Ase’ BodyCare and a few of there products.

After a day outside gardening in the heat, my mane was dry and frizzy. Check out the video.

Steps to achieve look are simple.

• Dampen hair with hydrating spray. (Not too much tho)
• Do a few braids or twists.
• Unravel and separate to your liking.IMG_4768
Steps to achieve look.
• Dampen hair with hydration spray. Not too much is needed.
• Braid/Twist hair into sections (I made 6 braids)

• Let sit for an hour or so.
• Unravel using the hair growth oil on the roots & ends to reduce frizz.
• Separate braids/twists to your desired look and you are done.

That’s it! Plus Ase’ BodyCare is currently offering 20% off their products. (Use
code ase20off) 😉



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