How to take what you want πŸ˜‰

Firebird in the sky

I can blaze just as high

To send the lighting waves

That will lift your glaze 

Just to remind you I can rise. 

It’s actually not that hard to require your heart’s desire. Step by step I can lay it out for you. However, under no circumstances should you deviate or question the plan. 

I’m not joking 😐

Step 1: Write it down! 

Write down exactly what you want with as many details as possible. Get specific and use magazines or Microsoft clip art to get inspired. 

Step 2: Keep a reminder near you. 

I want a Tiffany’s & Co bracelet always have (hint hint). And although I’m not in the position to purchase one, I do have a copy of Breakfast at Tiffany’s to kill the time. 

Point is to keep a positive reminder around. Something that is symbolic and can motivate you. 

Step 3: Always be alert. 

Your ideal ____ (you know, the thing you wrote all those details about) may be right in front of your face. Therefore, revert back to your writings and change a note or two if you have too. 

Moreover, you never know when Tiffany’s &I Could will have a sale πŸ˜‚.

Step 4: Get it!

I swear people love the “journey” so much because they are afraid of achievement. You know what you want right? Now take a look at what you HAVE and make a plan. A tangible way to achieve it. You’ll have hiccups and issues but, that’s not a reason to stop. 

So dream up and soar high! 


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