edvztabelj8-kevar-whilbyDon’t tell me I’m loved and only show me lust. 
Don’t tell me you need me and then tell me you are unable to trust. 
I know the workings of your mind and once I am actually able to call you mine there will be no holding back… no letting go… we are playing for keeps.
And although in this moment the night sky knows I am without you which keeps her gloomy as she weeps… 
I hold on to the fantasizes and memories of us because someone once told me that “you must sow what you want to reap.”
Don’t tell me I am wrong for not moving on, I am just moving at my own stride. 
Don’t tell me I am foolish for still having hope, love has demolished my ego so I have no pride. 
I just have this uncontrollable, never-ending, overwhelming feeling that you should be with me.
So, don’t tell me it won’t happen when that’s the one thing I envision daily.
And with all the energy I seem to be able to manifest on this…I don’t know how could any other result could possibly be.



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