Jay Z News

I swear the best Jay Z lyric of all time is the one I gone engraved on my iPod a million years ago. It is (and I quote) “nobody’s built like you, you designed yourself” … Lower your head, hold up your hands, and bow down to Jay Z and his creative genius…

Now that that’s out of the way I want you to understand that this post isn’t really about Jay, although he is the greatest rap of all time… No this post is about that one line written above. And how quickly technology changes. (I miss my iPod nano 😩)
I could write a book entitled, “How to build one’s self” but that would be counterproductive wouldn’t it? The absolute, completely honest, amazing thing about me (and you for that matter) is that we are and will be who we want to be.
So why does that scare us so much?! I enjoy sharing my quasi neurotic thoughts with others. And I can’t wait to hear their “profound” logic regurgitated at me. I know they are some what enlightened by me and my shenanigans. And that’s one of the best parts of this thing called life.



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